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Capital Campaign
Comitted To God's Plan

Pointing to an abandoned 80 year old church building sitting in disrepair in 2006, Gene Kennedy was heard saying the old church may some day become the home of Navajo Missions, Inc.. The vision God gave Gene early on has been fulfilled with the 99 year lease entered into in November 2015. The NMI ministry, started in 1984, is on the verge of exploding with the epicenter at Cornfields. God has continued to direct and confirm His plan for developing the campus there for the growth of the Cornfields Community Church, which is already at capacity, and the growth in the mission activity of Navajo Missions. With a God-given love for the Navajo people, meeting needs, building relationships, evangelism, instructing in the Word of God, discipleship, and leadership training all represent the focus of Navajo Missions and its long and short-term missionaries. The physical improvements and new facilities shown below are a tangible representation of the vision to which God has called us. Let us pursue it with God’s passion.

The vision that God has given the leadership of Navajo Missions, Inc. is for a developed campus at the Cornfields property which would become the hub of all NMI outreach efforts in the future. The building projects are numerous and provide an opportunity for church groups and individuals who enjoy being used by God to use their building skills to bring glory to Him.

Navajo Missions Building Campaign Map
Building Campaign list Building Campaign list Building Campaign list
Expanded Facilities will Provide:
  • • Space for anticipated growth of Cornfields Community Church
  • • Effectiveness of new ministries
    • - Pastor Conferences
    • - Bible / Discipleship Conferences
  • • Ability to expand the scope of short-term mission trips
  • • Ability to place additional full-time missionaries
  • • Ability to start an intern missionary program

Each one of these projects are subject to the raising of the funds for materials and other expenses. The timing will be contingient on the progress of the Capital Campaign. We will trust that God has the funding and the timing under control and that both will work out in His perfect timing.

Please Contact Us

If you have a group of builders that would like to participate in God’s work on the Navajo Reservation, please contact us so that we can start the conversation. As time goes by and the funding comes into focus, we will be able to determine a schedule that projects will be on.

Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Landscapers, Roofers, Grunts, Sheet Rock Experts, and Finish Carpenters