Church Plants

Navajo Missions Inc. is committed to planting churches on the Reservation for the purpose of evangelizing, discipling and training therefore giving Navajo Believers the opportunity to reach Navajo people for Christ.

Cornfields Community Church

Cornfields Community Church History -

A church has been rebirthed. There is life again where there has been emptiness. Cornfields Community Church under the leadership of its pastor Mark Williams has become a healthy church body that is an active presence in the community. It did not happen overnight, but the investment of Navajo Missions through the years has been a testimony of God’s desire for the people of Cornfields.

2005 - Cornfields residents were transported from Cornfields to Klagetoh for Bible school.

2006 - Navajo Missions Inc. was invited by Navajo to use the church building for Bible school. At that time five Navajo were meeting for church on Sundays. They met there until fall of 2008. The leader had cancer and they discontinued the meetings at that time.

2007 - Cornfields church building was used for Bible school with 100 in attendance.

2007 - Present - Cornfields church building has been used each year for Bible school by Navajo Missions Inc with over 100 salvations recorded during this time.

June 13, 2014 - Cornfields Community Church was dedicated to the Lord in a service by Navajo Missions Inc. Mark Williams was set apart for service as pastor along with his wife Penny and their children Christian, Gabriel and Madison. They immediately began to hold Sunday morning and evening worship services along with other activities. The first week there were eight in attendance and the number has grown since then to forty to fifty currently.

May, 2015 - Navajo Missions, Inc. is prepared to enter a 99 year lease of the Cornfields Community Church from the Grand Canyon Presbytery.

Navajo Missions has discerned God’s vision for the future of the Cornfields property. Some future projects that would make the property more acclimated for present ministry and prepared for future expanded missionary activity include:
-Septic/sewer system in place
-Finish gravel for parking lot and road leading to church
-Installation of RV hookups for missionaries
-Completing bathroom facilities in church buildings
-Expansion of current church building to enlarge sanctuary space
-Parsonage (mobile home) on Cornfields property for Williams’ family
-Building of dorms for short term missionaries

Steamboat Community Church

Steamboat Community Church

Steamboat Church is located on Dickie and Christine Kayanie's home site where Christine Kayanie grew up. In 1996 Dickie Kayanie retired from the coal mine in Kayenta and the couple returned from there to Steamboat to live. They have been saved for a long time and felt that they needed to reach other Navajos with the Gospel. To do this they began to hold testimony and song services in 1998. These services were held in the original home, a log cabin, Dickie and his sons had built on the home site in 1969 to stake their claim on the property. In 1999 Paul Jones, a preacher friend asked to start Sunday services. The services were held every Sunday morning and a lot of people got saved. When Paul Jones stopped holding services the Kayanies returned to their testimony services again and then eventually stopped holding services at all. After a period of time a local Methodist preacher named Guy Nez started holding Wednesday night services until the fall/winter of 2013 when he passed away. Services started back when Mark and Penny Williams moved to the Reservation in June of 2014. The Kayanies praise God for using their house for His ministry throughout the years.