Winter Christmas Trip

The winter Bible school mission trip is one of the two anchor trips in Navajo Missions support of the continuous work being done on the Reservation. This trip is designed to partner with various churches within our sphere of relationship and provide them the tools to do a substantial outreach ministry event to the people the church has targeted to reach.

The 8-day trip takes place each year from December 26 - January 1. Short term missionaries, churches and individuals, come together from various states for the week to work with Navajo churches and their members to reach out to their Navajo friends and relatives. This is done as Navajo Missions provides food boxes with a month’s basic necessities, clothing and toys to be delivered to people the church members are trying to reach. The Navajo Missions missionaries will have the opportunity to teach and train the church members prior to the outreach event to equip them to be effective in their witness. Training includes learning how to write out and give your personal testimony, learning how to communicate how the Bible is one continuous story of God’s redemption, and how to guide a discussion for an opportunity to minister to and witness to a person you visit. Navajo Missions missionaries will then be able to model these skills as they help the Navajo people deliver the gifts to individuals.

As one can imagine this mission trip begins long before the mission team leaves for the Reservation as churches and individuals collect items throughout the year to be distributed. Without those contributions the opportunity for ministry would be greatly limited.

The full cost of the trip includes travel costs, travel lodging and lodging while on the Reservation. There are no meals provided on the winter trip. Transportation is available on a Navajo Missions sponsored van to anyone involved in the trip, however, individuals and church groups may make their own transportation and travel lodging arrangements which would reduce the amount due to Navajo Missions (see pricing schedule with application).

Winter Mission Trip Materials

Winter Trip Orientation

ATTENTION ALL WINTER MISSIONARIES: All videos and printed material are to be used by the whole winter missionary team to familiarize each member with the ministry plan for all sites. There are a number of roles you, as missionaries, will play as we go to partner with Navajo believers to meet needs and share the message of Jesus with the Navajo. Much of the information in these videos seems to pertain to the ones who have the assignment of 'leader/teacher'. However each and every missionary is a messenger of the truth we will share and we ask you to be very familiar with the teaching emphasis and have your own personal testimony written out and able to share it. Whatever your age, there may be a Navajo believer who you are able to help train. Never fear, there will be further instruction given at our first meeting after we reach the Rez! When you leave for your site you will be completely informed about the job you will perform. Please make sure you go to the Reservation fully prepared by watching these videos in their entirety one or more times.

Testimony Preparation Guidelines

This is required for every missionary. In Acts 9 after Saul’s conversion when he regained his eyesight it says he immediately went to the Synagogue in Damascus and began to ‘prove’ that Jesus was the Christ. If we ask the question HOW did he prove that Jesus was the Christ we see he had two things in his arsenal 1)scripture 2)his personal story of conversion. A well equipped missionary will be prepared with these same things. Through our teaching the Navajo people will be presented the scriptures and God’s Plan but we must also be ready to give a reason ‘for the hope that is in us’. No one can disprove what the scriptures say or discount your own story. Your testimony should be able to be given in 3 - 4 minutes. It does not need to be longer. Be transparent. Everyone has experienced “brokenness” in their life and the Navajo people need to realize we don’t have an “easy life.”

Download this PDF of the Personal Testimony Guidelines and begin to the process of writing down your own story this way:

- Start with an outline
- Fill in facts
- Add stories that illustrate those facts
- Complete your personal story in written form in a flow that is continuous
- Check your story with the provided guidelines on the PDF - making adjustments to language or wording you use - don’t use ‘churchy’ words
- Practice giving your story verbally
- Find someone who will listen and critique against the guidelines on the PDF
- Make necessary adjustments
- Rewrite with those adjustments
- Email final draft to Keith Stubblefield at

Teaching The Redemption Puzzle

Our curriculum for adults and children is based on a large puzzle which will aid in telling the story of Creator God whose name is Yahweh and will lead the Navajo through the story of the fall of Man to Jesus and the coming Kingdom. Teachers, the puzzles for teaching will be provided for you along with laminated scripture cards shown on the video. If you want to use other scriptures to teach, you will need to make those cards for yourself. You must print the pdf of your lesson and it must be prepared beforehand along with any other props. On the video below Keith Stubblefield demonstrates how to use the puzzle. Teachers, it is okay for you to customize the teaching through the puzzle as you see fit. However, please use the puzzle in its entirety and teach the concept of Creator God-Coming Kingdom with a great emphasis on Jesus being the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy as the Messiah. The emphasis is to teach the Navajo believers to understand how the Bible is one continuous narrative of God’s plan of redemption. This will help them to simplify the message of the Bible and be able to communicate it with confidence.

Children's Lesson Material

On this video you will find instruction from Wanda Hartley from Longview Heights Baptist Church - Olive Branch, MS as she teaches through a full children's lesson. Wanda wrote our children's curriculum this year and is a blessed writer and teacher. The lesson plan and scripture passages are available on the website for children's teachers to download, print and bind to take with them to the Rez. The teaching pictures Wanda uses on the video will be provided for you and will be available at the first team meeting there. You may take any props i.e. nativity scene, stuffed lamb etc. as Wanda mentions in the lesson plan. Be creative - Navajo are visually oriented people. On the video she teaches through the puzzle in its entirety along with giving many scripture passages. Please use this video to format your own children's lesson, adding and taking away from her teaching as you see fit. The emphasis is to teach the children of the Navajo believers to understand how the Bible is one continuous narrative of God’s plan of redemption.